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Editing text made easy with AutoHotkey January 6, 2008

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While editing text, especially computer programs but also letters, documentation or reports, it is often required to move the cursor to another position like a line up or down or to the beginning or end of the line. Fortunately keyboards have keys to do this. Unfortunately the right hand has to be removed from its usual working position to use these. This leads to interrupts of the typing work-flow, is time-consuming and is error prone when the hand has been placed back in the wrong position. A possible solution to this is to customize the keyboard behaviour so that the required functions are accessible while the hands can stay right where they are.


Synchronize Contacts w. Mobile and Tunderbird x2 December 26, 2007

Posted by tilm4nn in IT in daily life.
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Keeping contact data on a mobile phone and the personal e-mail client in sync can be a tedious task especially if multiple e-mail client instances are involved. In this article I’m going to show how the scenario with one of Sony Ericsson’s mobile phones and two instances of Thunderbird can be handled.

On the web there exists a bunch of synchronization services that provide the possibility to sync your contact, calendar, sms, and other data among multiple mobile phones using the SyncML protocol. Together with fitting plug-ins they can also be used to sync between mobile phone and e-mail client. The services tested by me are Mobical and ZYB which both have their advantages and drawbacks.